Coding Issues


Integrating our code has been difficult. Mustafa has been developing the code to buffer the IMU stream and correct extra bits that are generated from the IMU. Shane is working on extracting data from the GPS module. Some of this data is used in the algorithm we are developing for GPS IMU switching. As you can see from the picture, integration has made us 'blue'.

IMU to GPS Conversion


The IMU data is converted to GPS data then recorded in a data file. Next these files will be used to create the KML. The conversion of meter to decimal degrees looks pretty good. You can view the results here.

Python and GPS


The GPS module is streaming data. Next we will use python to extrac NMEA data for IMU comparison. Once the code has valid data it will be written to a KML file

Apache Webserver


The Apache webserver is operational and currently running on port 8000.

Wifi is up and running!


With the adition of the new kernel and modules we had a compatable wifi driver. After many hours of reading up on similar issues wifi is setup and auto loads during boot and hotplug.

Angstrom 2008


New version of Angstrom was installed to makes sure all packages are up to date. Jason spent many hours setting up the SDcards so up grading the os was pretty fast once we found the images we needed

LeadTek SiRF StarIII GPS


We recieved our GPS module. Its very small and the power antenna is smaller than we expected. We are excited to get this module working.
LEADTEK SiRF StarIII GPS LR9540G - The Leadtek LR9540G module is high performance, low power, 20-channel TTL level GPS receiver, based on the SiRFStarIII/LP single chipset technology while providing fast time-to-first-fix. Its far reaching capability meets the sensitivity requirements of car navigation as well as other location-based applications.