Debugging code is causing some os issues. Read the News to see some more info.


IMU to GPS conversion was implemented. Initial results look great.


The GPS module is streaming data. Next we will use python to extrac NMEA data for IMU comparison.


The Apache webserver is operational and currently running on port 8000.


Wifi is setup and auto loads during boot and hotplug.


New version of Angstrom was installed to makes sure all packages are up to date.

GlobalTrac System Design

GlobalTrac is a group of senior engineers at San Diego State University with an intrest in Global Posistioning System and the issues associated with urban reliablity. GlobalTrac is currently designing a mixed mode Global Positioning System(GPS) and Inertial Measurement Unit(IMU) tracking module for pedestrian tracking. GlobalTrac is proud to be working with Cubic Corporation who has donated their modified Microstrain IMU.